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Arts/Technical Fields

Attorney P. Jeff Martin can provide legal assistance in the following patent-related matters and fields:

Mechanical, Design and Consumer Products – The firm provides patent and other IP-related services to clients who produce a variety of consumer products.

Chemical/Pharmaceutical – Assisting research, technology, and development clients with securing, protecting, and managing intellectual property; licensing; assignments; and other business transactions in the chemical and pharmaceutical fields.

Medical Devices – The firm provides IP services to clients for biomedical devices, such as drug delivery systems, orthopedic devices, hemostatic agents, and cosmetic enhancement devices, utilized in the practice of medicine or medical treatment.

Biotechnology – Biotechnological inventions may include tissue generation, cell lines, microbes, antibody production, nucleic acids, proteins, microorganisms and transgenic multi-cellular organisms.

Communications and Electronics – The firm provides intellectual property service to clients possessing innovations in E-business, Information Technology, E-Commerce, and the Electronics industry.

Internet, Software, and Business Methods – As website and software companies grow, their need to gain property rights over these advances grows correspondingly. The firm provides intellectual property services to clients in a broad range of software technology.

Patent Searches
Generally, patent searches are performed to investigate the patentability of the inventor’s invention, relative to the records available at the USPTO.

The search is conducted concerning the functional and design features of inventor’s invention, including identifying and searching the proper patent classification and subclasses. The patentability search should focus on the patents that are most relevant to inventor’s innovation and expanded outwards in class and backwards in time.

Patent searches conducted by The Law Firm of P. Jeffrey Martin, LLC are not a CD-Rom or an Internet search, but rather, a professional patentability search which includes an analysis of cited patents and an Opinion of Patentability by a Registered Patent Attorney. Any Patent Search without an opinion and a signature is worthless.

Importantly, incomplete or cursory patent searches can provide inaccurate results resulting in non-patentable subject matter and possibly patent infringement. Many invention promotion companies fail to conduct complete searches, i.e., identifying and searching the proper patent classification and subclasses.

A patent search should be performed before considering the filing of a patent application.

Call 843-280-2400 or e-mail Registered Patent Attorney P. Jeff Martin directly to schedule a free initial consultation concerning patent searches, patent application filings, and how to acquire patent-pending status.

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