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Attorney P. Jeff Martin has the expertise to assist clients with securing, protecting, and managing intellectual property as well as in licensing and other business transactions in numerous scientific fields. Attorney Martin has represented research, technology and development clients in the organization and operation of their companies, as well as in the protection and commercial applications of their technologies.

Attorney P. Jeff Martin is registered to practice before the U.S. Patent & Trademark Office, and prior to the practice of patent law, was employed for several years as a lab analyst for a pharmaceutical testing and developmental company. From identification of patentable subject matter, through application and prosecution, to enforcement and comprehensive business support for a broad spectrum of small and large entity clients, Attorney P. Jeff Martin has represented a much diversified collection of innovations and products. By education and experience, Attorney Martin is equipped to handle technologies in virtually every industry including consumer products, mechanical, chemical, and pharmaceutical as well as in emerging areas such as biotechnology, drug delivery systems, medical devices and electronics.

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